Snake Season

Snakes are a natural part of living in the tropics and it’s not uncommon to see them in our urban environments. Not all snakes are dangerous and they perform a vital role in our ecosystem helping to control pest populations and also providing food for other predatory species.

When you see a snake, don’t panic. Stop. Snakes react to movement. Assess which way the snake is heading. Move yourself, your family and pets away when safe to do so. Keep an eye on the snakes location and call a Snake Catcher to have it removed if necessary.

Photo: Common Tree Snake

Not all species which may be encountered are represented on this page. Other translocated (non native to the region) species have previously been found in Townsville as either lost pets or accidental transports.

This page is not designed to be used as an identification guide or to train people in the identification of snakes. Snakes can be highly variable within their species. Proper identification takes practice and knowledge of the local snakes (there are over 30 species found in Townsville alone).

For a confirmed ID or to find a local snake catcher to remove a snake from your property please visit Townsville Snake Catchers on Facebook.

Never attempt to catch a snake yourself. Permits and training are required to legally and safely relocate snakes.

Treat all snake bites as potentially venomous and contact emergency services immediately. For information on the correct first aid for Australian snake bite please refer to the St John Snake Bite Fact Sheet.

Townsville Snake Catchers

Please start with the catcher closest to your area, however you may need to ring several numbers to reach an available volunteer. All snake catchers are volunteers, and may or may not be available. Please start with the number closest to you, but you may need to try several numbers.

Call 000 and treat any bite or suspected bite immediately!

($) = charges MAY apply

Location Contact
Mt. Low Alan Berry – 0418714082  ($)
Townsville  Snake Take Away – 0410597606  ($)
Townsville Blackadder Reptiles – 0419788167  ($)
Northern Beaches Ranger Dan Hands on Wildlife – 0437056157
Alice River Stephen Young – 0409190590 please text  ($)
Condon Jonathan Ronnle – 0498150971

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For a list of commonly encountered species, as well as information and photos, please visit their website.

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