How to Complete your Virtual Routine Inspection

On behalf of the Landlord, we will be conducting a Virtual Routine Inspection of the property in the near future.

These inspections are a quick, visual inspection to document the condition of the property; as well as prepare a report for the owner on the state of the premises, any maintenance issues and to ensure that our tenant’s are meeting their obligations in accordance to their Tenancy Contract.

An email and SMS will be sent to advise you of your scheduled inspection date, to give you time to prepare for the inspection.

The day before your scheduled inspection, a SMS will be sent providing our tenants the link to complete the inspection. Please note: only one person is required to complete the inspection per property.

If at any time you lose the link to the form, please use the one below

For privacy reasons Vimeo needs your permission to be loaded. For more details, please see our PRIVACY POLICY.
I Accept


1. Set up your Routine Inspection: Select each room and addon areas based on the features and layout of your rental property. This will open the appropriate tabs for you to complete your inspection.

2. Complete each tab as requested: add approx 3-4 photos of each room, showing a general overview of the room, the floors and any areas of concern.

Photos can be taken during the inspection, or prior to the inspection and added from your camera roll/library.

3. Detail Areas: please attach photos of detail areas, as below, in addition to the overview

  • Kitchen: Internal of Oven, Stove Top
  • Bathroom: Internal of Showers and Baths, Floor Cavity of Showers
  • Airconditioners: Internal filters and external louvers of split and box units

4. Comment and Submit: if there is anything you need to notify us of, please do so in the comments section. This will be forwarded to the Owner on the report.

The Submit process may take a few extra seconds depending on the number of attachments. A confirmation message will display once sent.

The inspection should take approximately 10-15 mins.

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