Meraki Property Management disburse funds twice a month.

All monies received on your behalf are held in our regularly audited Trust Account.

From these monies, we pay all authorized payments relating to your Property eg council rates, insurance, repairs and maintenance. Invoices are sent to you with your next statement.

You have the choice of the following disbursement options:

  1. Twice Monthly – 15th & 30th
  2. Monthly – 15th
  3. End of Month – 30th

The system will be set to disburse on the 15th and 30th of each month, however the disbursement will not be completed until the next following business day if this day falls onto weekend or public holiday.

We electronically transfer your funds into your nominated financial account, which will arrive within the next 2 business days.

Funds can only be disbursed once rent monies have been received from the tenant, agent fees are deducted and pending invoices are paid.

Owner Disbursement Flowchart