Regional Housing Limited (RHL), previously known as Coast to Country Housing, is a not-for-profit (PBI) company managing emergency, transitional, and long term social housing as well as a range of complimentary support programs throughout the Northern and Central Queensland Region.

Their organisation assists people to acquire and maintain affordable, accessible and secure housing to improve their lifestyle by providing support, information, advocacy and referral.

Regional Housing Limited develops and maintains partnerships with community organisations and Government bodies to achieve the best possible outcomes for their customers, clients, tenants, residents and stakeholders.

Residential Head Lease with Regional Housing Limited (RHL)

Meraki Property Management began working with Regional Housing Limited (RHL) in May 2020 as a managing agent for properties that participate in the RHL Community Rent Scheme under a Head Lease Agreement.

A Head Lease Agreement is where a private rental property is rented from the Landlord/Owner by a legal entity, such as a community housing provider (CHP) or a government agency, which then on lets the property to a low income or disadvantaged tenant.

Under this agreement, RHL are the lawful lease holder and they are solely responsible for making sure the property is maintained and that the Landlord/Owner receives their rent on time; overall reducing the significant risk associated with rental properties.

At the end of the Head Lease Agreement, there may be the option to renew or end the agreement. Should the agreement end, Regional Housing Limited are lawfully obligated to return the property to a similar condition it was in at the start of the agreement, based on the Entry Condition Report & Supporting Photos completed by Meraki Property Management at the beginning of the agreement.

Regional Housing Limited guarantee that any damages left by the tenant will be fixed at no cost to the Lessor/Owner.

Meraki Property Management enters the investment property into a Head Lease Agreement, on behalf of the Owner, with Regional Housing for 6-12 month agreement and continue to manage the property throughout this period.

This includes:

  • Rent Receipting & Arrears Processing
  • Maintenance Management
  • Routine Inspections
  • Monthly Statements & Disbursements
  • EOFY Statements
  • General Overseeing of the Management of the Property while under the Head Lease Agreement

Benefits of entering a Head Lease Agreement with Regional Housing Limited (RHL)

A Head Lease Agreement with Regional Housing Limited (RHL) is one of the most stress free ways to lease your rental property. Not only will you be helping disadvantaged Australians find a home, you’ll also have guarantees on rent payments, vacancies and repairs.

With Meraki Property Management continuing to manage the property, the risk is lowered even further and you are given peace of mind.


  • No Late Rent or Rent Arrears
  • No Vacancies (Loss of Rent)
  • No Ongoing Letting Fees
  • No Tenant Disputes
  • No Bond Disputes
  • No RTA Conciliation
  • No QCAT Applications
  • No Debt Collection
  • Significantly Reduced Risk
  • Guaranteed Repairs of Tenant Damage (up to the amount of $10,000)


  • No involvement in Tenant Selection

  • Monthly Rent Payment (in comparison to weekly)

Please Note: a Head Lease may not be covered under your landlord insurance and could potentially void your policy.

We recommend you discuss this option with your insurance provider before making any decisions on entering a Head Lease Agreement with Regional Housing Limited.

Public Liability Insurance will be required and a copy of this policy provided with the agreement.