We have provided a downloadable copy of our tenancy application form, maintenance request form, and tenancy related forms from the RTA.

Modifying forms

If the content and/or layout of a Meraki Property Management or RTA form is significantly modified, Meraki Property Management, the RTA and/or QCAT may choose not to accept it.


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For more information, please contact the RTA on:

Ph: 1300 366 311 – Monday – Friday: 8.30am-5pm

A Tenancy Application is a tool to help process applicants to determine their level of risk. As the managing agent, it is our responsibility to secure tenancies that have the lowest risk of rent default and/or damage to the premises.

To increase your changes to be eligible for a rental property, ensure that you have:

  • completed a Tenancy Application and provided the required documentation
  • an excellent rental history
  • your affordability is higher than the rent amount.

Please Note: The Lessor/Agent is not required to provide a reason for refusing a tenancy application.

2Apply Online Application
2Apply can help you fast-track your application. Simply complete your 2Apply account to apply on your phone or computer. Once your account is set up with all of your information and supporting documents, you can use it to apply for multiple properties in just a few clicks!

PDF Version: Tenancy Application Form
Complete your application form on your computer and save as PDF and email, or print and submit in office. Please be sure to provide your supporting documentation.

Sight-Unseen Form 
If you are not able to physically attend the property or make alternative arrangements for the property to be inspected by a friend or via FaceTime, you are required to complete a Sight Unseen Form with your application.

Tenants are required to provide a minimum of 2 weeks notice of intention to vacate the property.

This notice is required if a tenant wishes to vacate at the end of their agreement, during their fixed term tenancy or any time during a periodical tenancy. A forwarding address is also required.

Download: Form 13 – Notice of Intention to Leave

The Exit Condition Report is compared to the Entry Condition Report to determine if the property is in the same condition as when the tenant moved in, apart from fair wear and tear.

In accordance with section 66 of the RTRA Act, the tenant must complete and sign the Exit Condition Report for the premises and any inclusions and provide a copy to the Lessor/Lessor’s Agent.

The Lessor or Agent must return a signed copy of the report within 3 business days.

Download: Form 14a – Exit Condition Report

Often disputes arise when someone does not meet the terms of the tenancy agreement so it is a good idea for everyone to understand their rights and responsibilities.

There is a process to resolving tenancy disputes that starts with self-resolution. Good communication is the key to resolving most tenancy problems.

If you cannot reach agreement through self-resolution, an RTA conciliator may be able to help you negotiate an agreement with the other person.

The RTA’s dispute resolution service is free and  impartial. They help you, and the other person, make informed decisions and reach an outcome that is acceptable to you both.

Conciliators do not determine who is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ and they cannot make decisions about disputes or enforce rules or regulations. The process is voluntary and people cannot be compelled to take part in the process

Download: Form 16 – Dispute Resolution Request

This handy pocket guide covers the basics of renting, outlining a tenant’s rights and responsibilities. It must be given to tenants before they rent a property.

Download: Form 17a – Pocket Guide for Tenants – Houses and Units

Tenants must use this form to request approval from the property owner to keep a pet or animal in their rental property.

Tenants should complete a separate form for each pet. Property owner’s approval is not required to keep a working dog at the property.

Download: Form 21 – Request for Approval to Keep a Pet in a Rental Property