Minimum Housing Standards


New rules around minimum housing standards will come into effect for new tenancies on 1 September 2023 and for all tenancies 1 September 2024.


Ensuring dignified living conditions for all is a fundamental societal obligation. Minimum housing standards are the cornerstone of this endeavour, encompassing a range of essential criteria that define habitability. A dwelling must, first and foremost, be weatherproof and structurally sound. This implies that the premises should effectively resist water intrusion when it rains and should exhibit structural integrity, free from defects or significant dampness.

Additionally, the dwelling’s fixtures and fittings must be maintained in good repair and pose no inherent risk to occupants during ordinary use. Ensuring safety, all external windows and doors accessible without a ladder must possess functioning locks or latches to prevent unauthorised entry.

Vermin, damp, and mould have no place in compliant housing. It’s important to note that the responsibility for these issues shifts – the Lessor must address them unless caused by the tenant’s actions.

Privacy is a key consideration. The premises must have privacy coverings for windows in areas where tenants reasonably expect privacy, such as bedrooms. These coverings can take various forms, including blinds, curtains, tinting, or glass frosting.

Turning to reasonable functionality, proper plumbing and drainage are paramount. The premises must cater to the number of occupants, connected to a water supply providing safe, drinkable hot and cold water.

Bathroom and toilet facilities must offer privacy and function as intended, including flushing and waste disposal system connections. Kitchens, if provided, must include a functioning cook-top. Similarly, a laundry, if included, should have the necessary fixtures for functionality, excluding white goods, which may be tenant-provided.

These comprehensive standards ensure that all individuals have access to safe, dignified housing, fostering healthier, more equitable communities. Keep in mind that non-compliance with these standards can result in legal actions by tenants, emphasising the importance of timely adherence.


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