Routine inspections are a quick visual inspection, carried out to ensure the property is well cared for by the tenant and to check if there are any repair, maintenance or health and safety issues.
It is not a housework inspection; however, the condition the premises should be is outlined in the Legislation and your agreement, and you should have the property in good condition and be well presented on the day of inspection.
The property will be photographed both internally and externally for the purposes of recording the condition of the property, monitoring aging and wear & tear, and reporting to the Lessor.


If there are minor items of concern, we will send you a courtesy email addressing these items and request for them to be rectified by your next inspection.
This is to prevent the matter escalating and become costly at the end of your tenancy; mitigating potential risk or loss to both you the Tenant and the Lessor.
If on inspecting the property a significant breach is found, you may be issued a breach notice to rectify the issue. A significant breach by a tenant involves any of the following:
  • using the property for an illegal purpose
  • exceeding the number of occupants allowed to live at the property
  • keeping a pet at the property without the property owner’s permission
  • a matter caused by the tenant that will cost more than the equivalent of one weeks rent to fix.



In accordance with the RTRA Act, a Routine Inspection can only be completed once every 3 months.

For more information, visit the RTA website

  • Property to be presented in a clean & tidy condition
  • Carpets vacuumed; Floors mopped
  • Detail clean to kitchen & appliances
  • Detail clean to bathrooms & toilets
  • AC vents & filters cleaned
  • Mould removed from surfaces
  • Dust removed from fans & exhausts
  • Spot cleaning of walls to remove marks
  • Cobwebs removed
  • Replace light bulbs & batteries as needed
  • Lawns & gardens maintained
  • Pet waste removed from yard
  • Repair any damage
  • Maintenance reported in writing, via email or Tenant Portal / App.
  • Pets restrained or removed during inspection
  • s188 – Tenant’s Obligations Generally
  • s192 – Grounds for Entry
  • s193 – Notice of Entry

As per your signed Agreement and in accordance with the RTRA Act, it is the tenant’s obligation to:

  • keep the premises clean, having regard to their condition at the start of the tenancy.
  • not maliciously damage, or allow someone else to maliciously damage, the premises.
    Please Note: neglect is considered malicious damage
  • report (in writing) any maintenance or damage if the tenant knows the premises has been damaged or is in need of repair

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